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From the Beginning

Talking about politics, or rather trying to educate someone politically, especially Americans is mind numbingly difficult if not altogether impossible.  In large part because we live in the only society in history to ever have an empire that the majority of the populace doesn't know about.

The reason is simple enough, every other empire in history has had to use military force to expand their realm of influence.  Which we certainly do, but our first resort is to share crop whole nations through the IMF, giving them loans to build infrastructure that are set up in a way that they can never be repaid.  Then we go to collect the debt from these nations, and of course since they can't actually pay off the debt, we tell they have to vote with us on a piece of legislation, or support our war efforts elsewhere, or more often than not we force them to privatize their natural resources such as oil or electricity and hand them over to American companies.

We secure their obedience and natural resources without having to fire a single shot.  Now if the leader of one of these countries doesn't go along with this, we simply either overthrow their government through clandestine means, such as we did with Iran in the 50's, or attempted to do in Venezuela more recently.  Or if that fails we simply assassinate the leader in question, often in a plane crash.

Iraq is a perfect example of this.  First we tried to overthrow their government.  When that didn't work we had a CIA asset by the name of Saddam Hussein attempt to assassinate the then leader.  That also failed, but we were able to simply place Saddam in power through other means. 

Saddam is a strong man, which we like, but he wasn't cooperating with our agenda.  However being familiar with the methods we used, he was able to prevent both overthrow and assassination by using methods such as body doubles.  So we sent the military in as a warning in the early 90's to garner his obedience.  Even that didn't work, and eventually we had to go in full force and take him out.  We actually wanted to find him, unlike Osama, so of course we did.

Our nation is a profit driven imperial machine.  Industry, defense contractors, the military, and corporate greed drive our foreign policy.  Not the will of the people.  This is why we didn't get to vote on the war.  This is why even though the majority of people oppose it we're still there.  This is why candidates who oppose war are vilified and ridiculed, and how we always end up with a choice between two imperialists.  Because the corporate forces which dictate our foreign policy are the same corporate influences that fund our politicians, which are the same as the corporate sponsors which support our mainstream media. 

When a news corporation supports itself with advertising revenue, it is the companies that buy those ads who are their customers, not you.  You are the product being sold to these companies.  Distracted by pop sensationalism and meaningless flashy rhetoric so they can sell you diet coke. 

But these are just meaningless words to the masses who not only have no idea what's going on in our own country, they certainly have no awareness of our foreign policy, and almost never any kind of historical perspective.  Their vision of politics and the world is comprised of $500 haircuts, prostitution scandals, blow jobs, and Britney Spears children.

So they don't know anything, but unfortunately still feel entitled to their opinions.  Opinions which are comprised entirely of speculation and propaganda.  They don't listen, nor do they try to learn these things for themselves.  They simply reflexively oppose anything that doesn't fit into their narrow world view.

Some people can't grasp the complexity of the corrupt system as it exists today, and so they turn to shadowy organizations, jews, or aliens controlling things from behind the scenes.  They do so because it's simple and easy to understand.  The same reason that people who don't know anything use straw man arguments about secret puppetmasters and JOOZ to dismiss ideas and information that are too complex for them to grasp.

I guess if I had to summarize my point it would be to say that it's impossible to educate someone unless they already have at least some base of knowledge to put things in context, which of course they often don't.  The problem is not that people need to be educated by others, but that people need to educate themselves.  Something they are woefully unwilling or unable to do.

It's very depressing to want to discuss these subjects intelligently only to find that the only subjects people have enough awareness of to discuss is whether Obama is a secret muslim, or how many houses McCain has, while they almost never have any awareness of their actual views, which differ very little. 

The problem with proles is that you can't get them to ever be anything more, because they don't know they are proles, or even what a prole is.  And why should they care?  They work, fuck, breed, die, and watch some football in between.  They are nothing more than batteries for the machine.  I believe they have the capacity to be real people, but that most of them never will be.

So rejoice over your glorious new leader.  Embrace the change and hope that will surely come.  In the end nothing of significance will change, but if ignorance is bliss, then happiness is one natural resource America will never run out of.
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